Technical Consultant Interview Questions

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“Are you willing to travel?”

“How long have you been doing what you do?”

“What method can I call in the JQuery API to hide a propety?”

“I can't remember the specifics of the third, but it had to do with creating a human-readable XML stylesheet that would be used in conjunction with XPath in some way”

“Write a function that reverses an integer number without converting to strings or characters”

“Write a class that returns a list of n, non-repeating, random lottery numbers with values between x and y”

“I was tasked with writing code in any language on a napkin that should compile and that implemented a "Fizz Buzz" test. Fizz Buzz: "Write a program that prints the numbers from 1 to 100. But for...”

“I was asked to provide minute technical details of an opportunity that I worked on very early in my career.”

“What kind of objects can a OpenLinkor array contain?”

“The question for which the applicant most likely needs to be most prepared to provide a well-reasoned answer has to do with availability to work. Many projects for which this global premier...”

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