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“Given a string write a function which prints all the subsets of the string. Now make the function to return only unique solutions.

For example if they give you "abc"
you print out

“Question 1: You have a railroad track that run along the equator of the earth. You build a second railroad track exactly one meter above the first track. What is the increase in length?”

“Is the platform a "relational database"?”

“Write a function that finds the square root of a decimal number.”

“Why would you recommend Monster HDMI cables versus generic brand?”

“How would you write a sort routine to ensure that identical elements in the input are maximally spread in the output?”

“Given a set of 2D coordinates for the 4 corners of each building in a city skyline (as if in a photograph), how would you determine the outline of the silhouette of all buildings, where buildings may…”

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“If you have a refrigerator in an isolated room (no heat in or out) and left the door to the refrigerator open, what would happen to the temperature to the room? Would it go up, down or say the same?”

“How do you check if a Linked List has a recurring loop?”

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