Technical Lead Interview Questions

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“How much do you make?”

“What ideas do you have for how we might tackle the problem of data integrity for our 5 million plus data points for restaurants and clubs.”

“How you inherit the properties of two classes (not interfaces) in a child Java class. Where as those two parent classes are not related and not of any inheritance relationship between them.”

“Do you leave the company if its not forming well?”

“Having a client exposed his interfaces as Rest and SOAP Web Services how to decide which one to use when calling it”

“Interview was not very difficult but was still challenging. Questions asked were on
Referential Integrity, unit testing, OOP, leading teams, personality questions, etc.”

“How will be able to make a difference in this company?”

“Why did I want to leave my previous company”

“If you got to decide between Microsoft and Linux based technology, would you still choose ASP.Net and why?”

“How long have you worked as lead”

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