Technical Lead Interview Questions

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“Lot of questions were around my previous experience”

“A bunch of other Java questions, including difference between some JSR's related to portlets. Also some JavaScript questons (something about 'first class functions'), CSS questions (write a selector…”

“Write an AscendingSortedLongList and DescendingSortedLongList class ... and write some JUnit classes associated with them ...”

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“Implement following method:
public String findValueInMap(String[][] myMap, String key)”

“Explain MVVM”

“It all depends of the customer...”

“The recruiter asked me several: "What’s the biggest mistake you mistake you made in your life and what did you learn from it?" ... "What are the top 2 professional traits that people will miss or not…”

“Describe a project you are proud of.”

“Have you ever worked on reset equipment?”

“Most of the time was spent on questions asking you to consider a hypothetical problem and design a system to meet it.”

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