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“The most unexpected question was if I was willing to use my own judgement in lieu of a poorly structured policy.”

“A bunch of other Java questions, including difference between some JSR's related to portlets. Also some JavaScript questons (something about 'first class functions'), CSS questions (write a selector…”

“How to sell an "equity option" if there are no long positions of the underlyer or the option itself ?”

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“What was the longest time I was out ill from work.”

“Write an AscendingSortedLongList and DescendingSortedLongList class ... and write some JUnit classes associated with them ...”

“Implement following method:
public String findValueInMap(String[][] myMap, String key)”

“It all depends of the customer...”

“Explain MVVM”

“The recruiter asked me several: "What’s the biggest mistake you mistake you made in your life and what did you learn from it?" ... "What are the top 2 professional traits that people will miss or not…”

“Describe a project you are proud of.”

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