Technical Lead Interview Questions

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“Abt tols used like Matlab Simulink, NI Labview and Veirstand”

“Describe the process of SAP CRM Marketing Attribute List BADI's”

“Like many Fortune 500 companies, Monsanto uses the behavioral interview based on the popular (but unproven) notion that past job behavior predicts future job behavior. So you'll need to spend hours…”

“Explain get and set rule of generics? How is it similar to covariance in scala”

“Design the object model of chess game”

“Describe how specific protocols work, whiteboard it out.”

“Can an iterator from the concurrent hashmap be share across threads?”

“Relating personal technical experiences to current challenges faced. Difficult as it is asked on the spot.”

“basic technical questions - Class vs structure, oops basics, basic design patterns, estimation techniques”

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