Technical Manager Interview Questions

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“* Given an array of numbers. Create another array that contains * the product of all the members in the array except the current * element. For example, if you have an array of 3 elements such...”

“Given a string like "I'm being interviewed by Amazon" implement a method that reverses the given string so that it looks like "Amazon by interviewed being I'm".”

“What is the hardest thing in moving a team to Agile?”

“How do you build an algorithm to check for two files with identical content in the most efficient way”

“how would you trouble shoot a slow download of content on a Kindle device?”

“A vaguest ion that was asked in a very general way, but which the interviewer clearly had specific answers he was looking for: "what are four components that are included in every specification doc...”

“Given two arrays find all the points of intersection between the (i.e. equal elements) and return them in an array.”

“Explain how you would design and implement a asking algorithm using Java.”

“Estimate the number of spark plugs in the state of California.”

“I want to do cow counts in US what are your approach”

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