Technical Project Manager Interview Questions

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“Nothing was unexpected. To be frank the project management org in apple is fairly non-technical and very unimpressive. Dev and Testers are superb however.”

“How would you secure the cloud?”

“Cannot reveal as I have signed a NDA”

“response codes numbers and their meaning”

“How do you improve Youtube's front page? How do you recommend videos to users who didn't login, thus you don't know their identities?”

“Estimate how many places can you buy coffee in SF, and how do you validate your estimation?”

“Describe your most challenging project, and how you overcame the challenges.”

“After all the interviewers the hiring person asks pointed questions from more of a strategic view point concerning the company and the department.”

“I was totally prepared for the interviews and was able to answer all of the ?'s. I would say that both of the interviewers were very easy to relate to and the questions that they asked were not…”

“The questions vary widely by hiring manager. There isn't a specified format.”

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