Technical Specialist Interview Questions

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“General questions about my technical background and why I wanted to work at Elgia. Aptitude test would be the most "troubling" part just because it was new software and they just throw you right in…”

“Suppose you start at $32,000 per year (about $16/hr.), receive $3,536 in company paid insurance benefits, receive 32% of your base in 401K/Profit Sharing/ESOP benefits, and cost the company 8% of…”

“"Having been a manger and owner of your own company, won't you find it difficult to work for someone else?"”

“If a contractor bids x for a job, and has expense y, and expense z, what was the true cost of the bid? Equipment cost is w.”

“They asked me what was my expectations at Honda.”

“I suppose her question of "Why should we invest x amount of money into training you for this job" because it puts the interviewee in an awkward position -- like she implies "remember how much we'll…”

“Start with 1 and double it in your head until you can't go any further.
Example. 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 .......”

“immediate and longterm goals”

“hardest question was "what is DNS?"”

“"Name a situation which challenged your integrity"”

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