Technical Staff Interview Questions

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“Derive LMS algorithm”

“One manager asked to write lot of syntaxes in Java. Which I was not prepared.”

“Leadership questions.”

“Given a gdb dump, explain the data structures in the hex dump, walk thru the data structures and explain what contents could be.”

“As a former employee of the company, I had a lot of 'why do you want to come back to Altera?' and 'do you plan to leave again?',”

“How would you store a sparse matrix?”

“Clone a linked list with following scenario:
1) The data of every node in the link could be a pointer to another node in the link.
2) The clone should create the exact structure/graph as of…”

“Merge 2 sorted single-linked lists into the brand new list (no pointer copy allowed). The resulting list should have the data from both lists all correctly sorted.”

“Implement strstr() in C.”

“What was the worst partner you've ever worked with and why was he/she hard to deal with.”

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