Technical Support Agent Interview Questions

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“What would you like to ask us?”

“If you could change one thing about you, what would it be?”

“Basic interview questions, but one that could throw people off was when the hiring manager said that he was thinking of a fruit. You must ask questions to guess what it is. This is harder than you...”

“"Explain a time when you were unable to assist your customer."”

“He gave me a sample scenario where some computer equipment wasn't working properly. I had to explain to him what I would do, and what I thought had caused the problem.”

“There were no difficult or unexpected Question the lady who interviewed me was kind and made me feel relaxed”

“There isn't any out of the ordinary questions that are made towards you, mostly questions if Telenetwork will be right for you.”

“Why do you want to work for CNH?”

“There was no difficult questions.”

“The most difficult question posed to me in any interview is "my worst failure" or "what I would do differently;" I wish there were only one answer; however, the most "unexpected" question was, "how...”

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