Technical Support Engineer Interview Questions

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“What is most important to you when joining a company.”

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“what happens exactly when traceroute command is issued?”

“how does tcp connection is intiated and terminated?”

“Active directory knowledge during technical phone interview.”

“installing and utilizing their vault, which is usually the bulk of the interview assessment explained in (2)”

“Most of the questions I got on the job had to deal with Antivirus software and it having adverse effects on the machine.”

“Radio technology, wiring a TX & RX cable; transmit Request, CTCSS.”

“How to re-prioritize a process in UNIX (as far as CPU cycles go). Which option moves it in which direction? I remembered the command, though I hadn't used it in 25 years. Forgot the option details…”

“None really. Maybe your most difficult accomplishment in past jobs.”

“Most positions require RAID, networking, enterprise storage knowledge. They will ask you how much you know about EMC. They like it if you know their history a little bit.”

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