Technical Writer Interview Questions

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“Why are you looking.”

“If you were given minimal information for a task and a tight deadline, what would you do?”

“Think of a time you took a risk in your career and failed. How did you handle the failure and what did you learn?”

“"What would people say that they don't like about you?" Who knows the answer to this question as most people would never say this to your face. If you are an easy going, friendly person, why would...”

“What tools do you know.”

“There were a lot of questions about safety: How would you handle an unsafe situation? Describe a time when you have encountered unsafe practices, what did you do?”

“You're trying to out a document and the Engineer you need to talk to says he too busy to work with you because of production committments. How do you handle this? He won't cooperate he's too busy!”

“Do you consider yourself a people person or do you like to work alone?”

“I was asked a series of accounting questions. Fortunately, I'd been warned that my previous accounting background was one of the things they liked about me. Still, I missed an easy question: after...”

“Two different people asked me to describe a time when I dealt with a difficult person. (No other question was posed to me twice.)”

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