Technical Writer Interview Questions

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“The first interviewer came in the room at 9:15 AM, overtly hostile, yelling "You're late!" I showed her my interview itinerary with 9:15 AM at the top for the first interviewer. This only made her…”

“Questions involving knowing how to react under different scenarios--most likely measuring your ability to adapt.”

“"In a popup, where should a user see help information?"”

“Not applicable my friend, sorry.”

“"Can you give me an example of a relational database?"”

“What types of books do you read?”

“Have you ever worked on reset equipment?”

“"Star Trek or Star Wars?" I answered "Star Trek." Next question: "Kirk or Picard, and why?"”

“What does the (Unix) "ps" command do?”

“There were actually few questions, and the manager seemed very hurried and anxious. I did talk up my suitability for the job. Questions were not behavioral, and skill questions were minimal..”

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