Technician Interview Questions

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“If you were hired, where would you want your office to be?”

“Do you know how to write your name?”

“What's the underlying technology/development that permits multi-core processors to exist?”

“Give me one example from your past employment history where unusual events created interpersonal conflict and/or impaired customer service (i.e. patient and/or physician), including how you solved…”

“Find the right combination of series of numbers to work correctly.”

“Which screwdirver has the most torque strength? (Two pictures of screwdrivers were shown. One was longer than the other.”

“There are 25 Netware workstations on a rack, attached to one Netware server. You can only get 20 to see the network at a time. What steps do you take to troubleshoot this?”

“Describe a conflict you have had at another job and the steps that you took to resolve it.”

“They asked how I would handle dealing with a difficult person and what I would do about it.”

“Where do you see yourself in 5 years.”

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