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Apr 1, 2014

Interview Question for Engineering Design Technologist at Sparton:

“The in person interview was difficult. There was a total of four people interviewing me simultaneously. The technical questions were difficult. The point was to examine the extent of my technical…”

Mar 26, 2014

Interview Question for HLA Laboratory Technologist II at New York Blood Center:

“i think behavioral questions are the most difficult which you need to prepare yourself for.”

Mar 19, 2014

Interview Question for Professional Technologist II at West Virginia University:

“Tell us about some of the project you have accomplished.”

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Mar 18, 2014

Interview Question for Mammography Technologist at Memorial Regional Hospital (Florida):

“What is a difficult situation and how did you handle it.”

Mar 14, 2014

Interview Question for Technologist at Sparton:

“My most difficult question centered around doing conversions (power, gain etc ) in the dB realm. My background at that time was mostly digital with heavy analog experience in High Voltage.”

Mar 6, 2014

Interview Question for IT Technologist at Superior Technology Solutions Corporation:

“Specific questions were asked to test your knowledge.”

Mar 4, 2014

Interview Question for Medical Technologist at Presbyterian Healthcare Services:

“the most difficult question i was asked was, if offered a different position with more pay would i take it??”

Mar 2, 2014

Interview Question for Medical Technologist at LabCorp:

“Behavior questions such as "what would you do if?"”

Feb 26, 2014

Interview Question for Help Desk Technologist at Trine University:

“I didn't have any difficult or unexpected questions because I try to prepare for everything. I also always answer questions honestly even if I feel that my answers wouldn't be what they want to hear.”

Feb 24, 2014

Interview Question for Quality Technologist (Lead Supplier Auditor) at Wrigley:

“Why should we hire you?”