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“Efficient way to compute p^q, where q is an integer”

“Why do you want to work for a company like Fannie Mae, that may not exist in the next 2-4 years?”

“What makes you want to work at Fannie Mae, especially when the President is talking about phasing Fannie and Freddie out?”

“Have you ever set up an exchange server”

“In Data Structure, what's the difference between Tree and Array in term of FIFO and LIFO ?”

“There weren't really any unexpected questions, it was the typical "are you a leader or follower" or "tell me about a time you were stressed and how you handled it" or "how do you work in teams" type…”

“Have you ever heard of Sapient?”

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“Case study-create an application for a service scheduling company. Can use pseudocode, programming language, etc.”

“Write code to multiply two matrices.”

“Explain what NAT is and how it works.”

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