Technology Consulting Analyst Interview Questions

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“Do you realize we don't do engineering here?”

“Walk me through how you decided to be a consultant and not a high school teacher.”

“What is the most difficult challenge you've had to overcome (school, work, life... etc)”

“How do you expect your experiences at Accenture to affect the direction of your future?”

“A large company has had decreasing sales figures for the past year. Walk me through the process of how you would go about solving the problem.”

“Describe 3 of your weaknesses.”

“Describe a situation where you dealt with a difficult customer or co-worker”

“how would you sell a product to an old man who hated technology?”

“Describe a situation where you had very ambiguous direction, but still had to deliver in a set time frame.”

“Tell me about a situation in which you had to resolve a conflict; when you had to get something done under a tight deadline; when you had more work to do than you could manage. Give a recent and...”

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