Technology Consulting Consultant Interview Questions

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“The pre employment test is exceedingly difficult unless you are a wizard at Algebra and Logic. Logic here is defined as what symbol in sequence comes next. Be prepared or you will fail your way out…”

“Describe 3 of your weaknesses.”

“Describe a situation where you dealt with a difficult customer or co-worker”

“How do you give the ROI figures to the client? How do you show them that the Solution you are selling is going to help them”

“Create a Google Account and set to sync IMAP with OSX (timed)”

“Tell us why you want to work at Accenture.”

“There was a specific question about a technology implementation solution in my case interview?”

“I was asked if I felt my manager should have an in depth knowledge of the work required for the position.”

“How many 6-step ladders are there in the United States”

“What is the most difficult challenge you've had to overcome (school, work, life... etc)”

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