Technology Consulting Interview Questions

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“What is the most innovative invention of the recent decade?”

“Tell me about yourself?”

“what are you pet peeves?”

“The interview was not difficult, but this may very depending on who you are interviewing with. The business case is a little ambiguous, but they're not looking for a solution, just insight into your…”

“How did you manage to quantify all of your achievements in terms of %ages?”

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“So what are we thinking salary-wise?”

“Scenario questions: e.g. "What if the customer did not like my proposed solution?"”

“tell me about urself”

“What world experiences have you had that would have helped to prepare you for this role.”

“The case study questions were most difficult as it was open ended and constrained by only 45 mins. Case Summary: A banking company that holds offices worldwide (Chicago, New York, Toronto and…”

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