Technology Developer Interview Questions

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“How do you keep up with information in your field (of information technology).”

“Swap two numbers while not using the temp variable.”

“What is a technology that has had an impact on your life?”

“There are N number of soccer teams, who must all play against each other in a set amount of time (amount of time is irrelevant). Find a way to schedule their games in such a way that there is equal…”

“If you had to explain XYZ (the subject will change person to person, mine was lacrosse) to someone who had never played the sport or even heard of it before, how would you?”

“Most of them were basic questions. One was " Write down Java classes and methods that you required for a Transaction"

"How do you convey a Technical banking transaction to a street man"”

“They want you to know a lot about the company and industry during the interview so you need to do your homework.”

“How do you deal with tough people in your work”

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