Technology Solutions Analyst Interview Questions

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“How do you deal with teams?”

“Give me an example of data types? (but they use a different word for it so be ready)”

“Tell me how you deal with co-workers that have different backgrounds that you may or may not agree with.”

“They asked about my resume, leadership/teamwork skills, my coding background, SDLC, projects I've worked on in the past, why I want to join this company. As always, make sure you know your resume...”

“There were no difficult questions. Very informal and friendly interview process”

“Tell me about a time when you had to be a leader.”

“You walk into a board meeting and the CEO asks you into implement a system but is unsure of what the outcome might be financially to the company. How would you persuade him to go forth?”

“Imagine you were developing an application. How would you apply the SDLC?”

“Some questions regarding DB were unfamiliar but overall nothing was close to be difficult”

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