Technology Summer Analyst Interview Questions

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“How would you show a correlation between two types of data?”

“What is a normal distribution? What would you think if your data didn't fit one?”

“Asked about certain Business Cases based on my past experience”

“Technical Inteview: "Write a program to test a computer." That's it. No explanation. I guess it's interesting to see how one tackles this...”

“Technical Interview: Describe Quicksort.”

“How do you work in teams”

“A mobile phone company with coverage over three states wants to upgrade it's Customer Relationship Management system. How should it go about this?”

“How would you classify these shapes? (triangle square and rectangle shown)”

“Which methodology would you use to create and integrate the system ?”

“How would you create a deck of cards using object oriented programming? If there are 3 boxes of marbles, one black one white and one mixed. They are mislabled (And forsure wrong) if you could pick...”

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