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Dec 16, 2013

Interview Question for Telebanking Specialist at Regions Financial:

“I can't remember this.”

Jul 19, 2012

Interview Question for Telebanker/Contact Center Agent at Regions Financial:

“All were very straight forward, nothing random.”

Dec 22, 2011

Interview Question for Relationship Banker, TeleBanking at Regions Financial:

“In detail discuss a prior situation where you went out of our way to help a client or inprove a procedure, how you handled the situation, did you felt properly recognized and why you chose to do they…”

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Aug 16, 2010

Interview Question for Telebanking at Regions Financial:

“What motivates you?”

Apr 29, 2010

Interview Question for CBG Telebanking I at OneWest Bank:

“With your leadership experience, how would you handle an employee that are not performing?”

Jan 5, 2010

Interview Question for Telebanking at Regions Financial:

“No difficult questions. All questions were normal interview questions.”