Telecommunications interview questions

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“What words would your boss use to describe you”

“When were you given a NO, and not able to turn that into a YES?”

“char *ptr = "harry";
What will be the output of the following snippet of code:

ptr[0] = 'k';
printf("%s", *ptr);”

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“Difficult because those guys kept asking system and software questions even I applied network engineer jobs.”

“What salary range do you need?”

“Describe a time when you had a technical disagreement you felt strongly about, with another person on your team, and how you handled this.”

“questions involving the telephone circuits never seen or used before”

Manager at DISH

Apr 23, 2013

“Which date is the latest:
A) March 20, 1967
B) April 3rd, 1965
C) June 28th, 1967
D) January, 15th 1966”

“If I decide that you are not the right candidate after you leave here, what am I missing out on?”

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“What do you do if you assign a deliverable to someone, and they don't deliver. How do you handel this?”

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