Telecommunications Manufacturing interview questions

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“How would you test an ATM machine”

“Why would you work here”

“Reverse the words in a string, but not the characters. Do it in linear time.”

“I was asked various questions on SQL, types of joins, aggregate functions, indexing, DataWarehousing, star and snowflake schema, how i would go about designing a data warehouse, then some basic…”

“char *ptr = "harry";
What will be the output of the following snippet of code:

ptr[0] = 'k';
printf("%s", *ptr);”

“What salary range do you need?”

“Describe a time when you had a technical disagreement you felt strongly about, with another person on your team, and how you handled this.”

“Write an algorithm in any programming language for calculating the amount of change needed. As a follow up, can you modify this algorithm to avoid using the division operator?”

“What is a mutex?”

“Assume you need to optimize a program which has about several Billion lines of code. You can get access to the source code and make modification. So what will to do to make this program run faster…”

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