Telecommunications Manufacturing interview questions

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“what can you do for us?”

“Tree traversal”

“Why are manhole covers round? How many meter maids are in New York City?”

“One that was interesting and new to me was, "What kind of car do you drive and why?" Follow up question, "There are a lot of very affordable, high quality used cars, so why would you drive something…”

“Would you ever lie to a customer? I will never forget that question.”

Intern at Nokia

Jul 7, 2014

“The logic question at the beginning. The question was, "You're in a room with 3 switches. In the next room over are 3 lights. You can't see the lights in the next room. You can flip the switches as…”

“How do you feel about full 100% commission?”

“What are the components of a truly successful sales candidate you look for and how can you tell if these components are genuine?”

“what is your short term goal”

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