Telecommunications Manufacturing interview questions

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“What are the components of a truly successful sales candidate you look for and how can you tell if these components are genuine?”

“what is your short term goal”

“What is your long term goal”

Engineering at Avaya

Jan 5, 2012

“Asked to do some engineering problem solving as part of the interview”

“Asking about various voice protocols and their use”

“Lots of questions on memory issues in C. Since Garmin works with a lot of small embedded systems, it would be a good idea to have a strong knowledge of lower level languages and tricks to coding in a…”

“personal experience selling to C-level executive and presentation skills.”

“how much money do you want to make a month. tell them like 5 grand”

“None really what's are the 5 steps of a sale and what will you do to fix a underperforming district”

“Why are you temping and not looking for permanent work?”

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