Telecommunications Manufacturing interview questions

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“What does RPN do in FMEA”

“One person asked about details of a project from 12 years ago (I worked on at least 10 projects since then).”

“1 what is priority inversion? 2 what is the biggest challenge in your previous projects? how you solve it”

Operations at Garmin

Feb 2, 2010

“What are the most important qualities you look for in a workplace?”

Engineering at ADTRAN

Mar 8, 2012

“Asked about D- Flipflops.”

“How will be able to make a difference in this company?”

“Why am I getting a degree in Industrial Management when I have 2 degrees in the IT field?”

“The detail of my recent course project”

“final, finally in Java . Operating system ,kernel programming , exception handing , parent class of Java exception (throwable class), coding for Fibonacci number, spam mail prevention using...”

“Garbage Collector details, different algorithm for Garbage Collector , stack memory orientation , I felt they are very worried about operating system and memory management whereas less interested...”

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