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“Interview questions: recursion, probability”

“Determine the sum of all prime numbers less than 1000.”

“Find the right combination of series of numbers to work correctly.”

“Which screwdirver has the most torque strength? (Two pictures of screwdrivers were shown. One was longer than the other.”

“What would you do if a customer was very upset and when they got to you, took all their frustration and anger out on you?”

“Nothing really. We didn't get into a lot of tricky questions?? Fairly easy. More of a dialogue.”

“Can you do a bubble sort for me on the white board?”

“Did you have to come far?”

“Was asked to describe in detail, about a time of where I had to place a rep on a PIP and what was the outcome.”

“What is the difference between a <span> and a <div> in HTML?”

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