Temporary Employee Interview Questions

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“Really none. There was no actual position open when I interviewed so they just asked about my application and initial resume.”

“What are your references [most important question for them]”

“What makes you different than other people?”

“General info about my background”

“The most difficult part of the interview was the computer skills test. The program the use does not allow you to use keyboard shortcuts which threw me off because I had to search through the menus.”

“Nothing that I can recall that did not seem like an average interview question.”

“Why are you interested in working through us?”

“They did not ask any difficult questions. They were general and more of "a get to know you" conversation.”

“There really was none, I was very surprised at how laid back the whole process was.”

“I can't remember any of the more difficult questions, but one of the questions that surprised me was something along the lines of, "Do you think it's alright to physically fight at work?"”

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