Temporary Position Interview Questions

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“Most important factors I was considering in the next company I would work at? (paraphrasing)”

“Found my resume online and pursued me. Didn't ask any uncommon questions”

“Best accomplishment at work and over 15 years experience that is too vague a question”

“If you had to choose between knowing a lot about one subject or knowing a little bit about many subjects, which would you choose and why?”

“They had my resume so they asked some questions about how I work. That is, am I self starter? What's the best way to work with me?”

“No real questions asked.The hiring VP did nearly all the talking about the position/project. It was a little odd.”

“Continued to ask same question repeatedly in differing formats: Why I left my last position? Interviewer did not accept or fancy the answer even though it was the same as what I gave to my eventual...”

“Didn't ask any questions, except if I had any questions for him. Which, I was wondering why did he call me and have me fill out hiring paperwork (W-9 and all those forms with personally identifiable...”

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