Territory Manager Sales Interview Questions

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“Give me your sales pitch on Noetix and our value proposition.”

“Your company is not doing well financially and your boss has ordered you to bring money into the company by any means necessary. You have been dealing with a client for years and they have full…”

“Do you smoke cigarettes, yes or no? If no, explain what your opinion is on people choose to use tobacco products.”

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“A question around coworkers using non authorized means to achieve good results and what you would do about it. That want to see if you would rat them out or try and work it out without management…”

“Tell us about a time where you had to design a project with a TEAM? What did YOU do and what were the results?”

“There were no curveballs in either of my interviews.”

“You will very likely be asked a situational question about a sales account you have that wants to sign up for a program. You know this is not the best idea because you will have a better and more…”

“how many years experience do you have”

“Recall a situation where you encountered a customer who was unhappy with an item that you sold them. How did you remedy the situation. Were you able to retain the customer”

“How many people have you managed”

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