Territory Sales Interview Questions

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“The first part of the assessment is all mathematical equations and problems, second part was a psychological assessment”

“Do you take criticism well? (this is never asked to a male prospective)”

“Describe a very hectic week and what you did to prioritize.”

“Do you mind working weekends?”

“How would you describe your decision making process?”

“The end of the interview: Please sell me this item (random object in the room - pencil etc...)”

“Have to role play, a sales case, always close by setting the appointment.”

“Presentation on introducing Mars Drinks into an outside market - given roughly an hour to prepare and then present to 5 people.”

“What was your worst subject in college, what grade did you get, and why did you do poorly?”

“Say you're trying to meet your sales quota for the month and you have a buyer that will buy from you and allow you to reach that goal. However, you realize later that you quoted the buyer incorrect...”

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