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“In a BST write a program to find 2 nodes x and y such that X+y=k”

“Given a triangle, determine if its a scalene, equilateral, isosceles or neither... required knowledge of triangle properties, I learnt these properties about two decades ago so ofcourse I was fuzzy…”

“Given a 2D rectangular matrix of boolean values, write a function which returns whether or not the matrix is the same when rotated 180 degrees.

Additionally verify that every boolean true is…”

“Talk about how to verify if an RF amplifier is operating in its linear mode?”

“given two linked lists with a digit in each node, add the two linked lists together. the result must be a linked list with one digit in each node. use only one iteration of the two input lists.”

“Given Vcc and 2 capacitors A and B in series to ground, what is the voltage in between”

“how to get the most significant bit from a byte?”

“Coding question - given a binary tree, write code to count the sum off all siblings.”

“Implement a Queue using 2 Stacks”

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