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“Do you consider yourself a patient person?”

QA Tester at Storm8

Jan 24, 2012

“Are you passionate about the game industry?”

QA Tester at 2K Games

Mar 7, 2012

“What is a clear path foul in basketball and what is the penalty?”

“Most Unexpected Question: - Can you work well with others? Then interviewer followed up with an explanation on why it was important for an employee to be able to do so for that job.”

“they asked me .as a manager how i satisfied a angry customer.”

QA Tester at FINRA

Dec 20, 2012

“Question 1: There are 100 stairs, you can either go by one or two stairs each time, how many different ways(combinations) there are to climb the 100 stairs. For example if there are 3 stairs, there...”

“Interviewer did not like the layout of my resume.”

“A question on if there was a discrepancy between production on the night shift and day shift, how would you address than?”

“Outline a plan for how you would test "INSERT PRODUCT HERE"”

“Code a cross site scripting example”

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