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“Code a function in C to get the largest consecutive addition of integer numbers fron an array.”

“Check if tic-tac-toe has a winner”

“You are in a room by yourself and someone walks into the room, asks you to find the temperature, and leaves. How would you find the temperature in the room without leaving the room?”

“Given a list of integer e.g. (1,2,4,5,6,7,8...) Find a pair with a given sum.”

“In a given sorted array of integers remove all the duplicates.”

“Write a function to turn a string into an integer and test it”

“post order traversal of a Binary Search Tree Follow up Create a BST from this post order traversed array and write test cases for this function”

“How can you write a recursive function calculating the exponential of a number?”

“classic fermi problem. estimate some value making some approximations.”

“A couple of questions on DRAM, its leakage paths, clocking, etc, and some basic C programming questions about pointers, etc. Some tricky questions like "Write a C program which performs...”

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