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“I was asked a question about finding the longest palendrome in a string. I discovered a naive algorithm relatively quickly, and then was asked to handle all corner cases. Took about 10 minutes.”

“Its an ADC Testing Day - Every interview was like go in to the room , they asked me to go to the board , and started questioning. But it was nice experience , it was question to answer interviews…”

“Write code in your favorite programming language that will accept two strings and return true if they are anagrams.”

“Implement a binary tree and explain it's function”

“int Solve(string str);

Given the signature above, implement the simplest method that returns the results of the following arguments…”

“Given some binary number, how would you determine whether the 5th least significant digit is a 1 or a 0?”

“how would you test a RAM ?”

“Count no. of words in a string”

“Dig details how I create\implement something in my current job”

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