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“A couple of questions on DRAM, its leakage paths, clocking, etc, and some basic C programming questions about pointers, etc. Some tricky questions like "Write a C program which performs…”

“find common ancestor in binary tree”

“When do you use an array versus a linked list?”

“Name at least 10 different networking protocols”

“I was asked a question about finding the longest palendrome in a string. I discovered a naive algorithm relatively quickly, and then was asked to handle all corner cases. Took about 10 minutes.”

“Reverse a String eg: I am a boy ans : boy a am I”

“The differences between recursive and iterative implementations?”

“Write strcpy (string copy). What test cases would you have?
Write strrev (string reverse) in place. (temp char is fine)”

“Given a BST find the second largest element?”

“Its an ADC Testing Day - Every interview was like go in to the room , they asked me to go to the board , and started questioning. But it was nice experience , it was question to answer interviews…”

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