TFA Corps Member Interview Questions

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“Why would you quit TFA?”

“The sample teach can be the most challenging part of the interview day for many, and most of the sample lessons I saw were pretty bad.”

“Probably, when they asked to look at my planner to see my time management skills.”

“Most unexpected: Have you ever missed a deadline?”

“Teaching a lesson to other group interviewees was the most difficult. Make sure you have an assessment at the end of your lesson to determine if your "Students" have learned the material. Be prepared…”

“They ask in the individual interview you have in person what you'd do in a specific scenerio. The senerio i got was about a school district I wanted to start an after school history club in but there…”

“Under what scenario would you leave TFA?”

“they will ask you A LOT about your leadership experience, so be sure to have some answers!”

“Any questions pertaining to how you would respond in a classroom setting in a specific scenario--with no teaching experience I found this quite difficult.”

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