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Insurance Agent Interview Delray Beach, FL

they won't tell you that you will work for free the first

  two weeks and wont be officially hired until yo write for deals, that comes after you have commited and starting to work there. htese are all facts

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I would just like to comment on the above statement to clarify its accuracy since I have worked at ASUREA for over 12 years and am very involved in the hiring process with respect to our sales offices located across the country.

All sales reps do go through pre-appointment production and have to write 4 applications before they are officially hired on. We provide training, leads, and resources to do that. With that said, we make no gripe about it as we think it's an equalizer that promotes fairness amongst candidates looking to be hired as we are very selective in who we bring into the ASUREA Group family. As well, we want to make sure you (the candidate) truly enjoy the position, environment, and team before we both make a long term career decision.

Nobody works for free and the 4 applications our new sales rep's make get credited towards their production & commissions once hired on. We think this is very reasonable and fair for candidates. Once hired on they benefit from a full time salary, benefits, gas allowance, exclusive sales leads/territory, and fantastic commissions.

If you did have a negative experience I would appreciate reaching out to me directly at as we take all feedback good or bad to heart.

Thank you.

Chris Reid on Aug 12, 2012

you sir have not worked for Asurea for 12 years since it has not been around that long.
what you said would be fine about yhe pre appointment process except Sean Valley in your Florida office would be upfront and honest about it. By the way I made it thru the "pre appointment process only to be lied to over and over again. you are a liar by saying you worked for Asurea for 12 years. you have no credibility.

Anonymous on Nov 13, 2012

do you really think people believe that you have nothing but perfect reviews? hello, red flag. did you write all those yourself?

Anonymous on Nov 13, 2012

Please dispute anything that i have said. do you not promote nepotism? has Asurea been around for 12 years? Does your FL manager not obscure the truth about the hiring process?

Anonymous on Nov 13, 2012

by the way after spending hundreds of dollars and many hours getting your insurance license. only to work two weeks trying to sell recycled leads, get hired and not paid retro to when you started is called" working for free".

Anonymous on Nov 13, 2012

I am an Area Manager in the sothern Ca area and do most of the interviews. I'd like to start by saying you can not make everyone happy.

I personally have been with the a branch of the company before the merger for 9 years. and can say the i personally know Chris and ha HAS been working for 12 years.

the reason we have purfect reviews is because we care for our people. and handle complaints ASAP.

i cannot say what or what not was said to you about the on boarding process during your inteview. but one of the first things we do is dicuss and explain the pre appointment production.I like to call it "Making the team" its a chance for you to proove to us and yourself that this is a fit for you. We dedicate lots of effort to making sure our offices are full of A players and that we have fun.

as far as the last comment you made, investing a few hundred dollars so that you can make THOUSANDS a month seems like a steal!!

the reason we use recycled leads to get you started is so that we can bring down lead costs and so you can proove that you can do it the hard way.

and as far as working for a manager im training you for free so you can be equipped to be succesfull when you start. its a fair trade.

  people spend THOUSANDS at carrer colleges to go make 35K a year.

it really seems like its a blessing that you are not part of the team.

Moe Biltagi on Jan 24, 2013

Do you deny that Asurea has not been for 12 years? I have no doubt that a 40 something year old man has worked for 12 years. In addition how many of your sales reps make more than 55k a year? Less than 10%?

Anonymous on Jun 21, 2013

What's the turn over rate in the South Florida office?
Don't worry you will probably get a less than accurste answer from the regional manager.

Anonymous on Jun 21, 2013

I heard they have great reviews because they offer bonuses to the employees who post them. Cash bonuses, t shirts crape like that. But if you read the reviews the employees all state working there lead than a year. So some of this has to be crap or else why the high turnover rate.

Anonymous on Jan 14, 2014

I heard they have great reviews because they offer bonuses to the employees who post them. Cash bonuses, t shirts crap like that. But if you read the reviews the employees all state working there less than a year. So some of this has to be crap or else why the high turnover rate.

Anonymous on Jan 14, 2014

Hi there. I have worked at ASUREA which was formerly known as Insurance Wholesalers prior to the merger if you need specifics. I am sorry you had a bad experience with our office and company. Regardless of who's right or wrong we do realize we cannot make everyone happy, this opportunity is not right for everyone, and ultimately - we can only do our best each and everyday.

Moe is a great manager and person in general and I think his feedback above offers great perspective.

The fact is, anyone with an internet connection can write any reviews or say anything they want on the internet, and I can't help that. If we believed everything we read online life would sure be interesting! What I can do for folks serious about learning more about our company and want to find our more information is to give out my contact info ( and i'll gladly have a chat and answer any questions you might have. You can also check my LinkedIn profile to learn about my experience and history with ASUREA here:

Chris Reid on Feb 13, 2014

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