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“5. The user of this class expected the output “Num: 1000000”. They got something else. What went wrong and how would you fix it?

public class Test
    public final static int NUMTHREADS…”

“I don't remember exactly, but some standard low-level C/C++/Java questions. Maybe something about string manipulation, bit play, recursive algorithms, threads, networking, etc.”

“concurrency in java”

“I remember they asked a question about threading in .NET that seemed ambigious.”

“What is re-entrant code?”

“How do you implement a concurrent hash map?”

“What are different ways to create threads in Java?”

“What are the various ways an Android developer can apply multi-threading to their app? Be specific, and give examples.”

“Design a thread pool, threaded queue, any threaded resource producer/consumer structure”

“4. Implement a basic Thread Pool in Java. When it’s completed, discuss the trade offs of your implementation. If you had unlimited time, discuss what improvements you would make to it and how…”

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