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“The question that stands out the most was the last one. we were asked to explain what we would do in a situation where conflict between employees became heightened.”

Intern at Westervelt

Jul 14, 2015

“Tell us about yourself”

“You are asked by your supervisor to perform a task you have never done before. It is urgent, and your supervisor does not give you any details about the task, only asks you to complete it.”

Forester at Rayonier

Jan 29, 2010

“How would you motivate the employees you supervise without using salary increases or bonuses.”

“Have I served previously in the military?”

“How willing would I be to locating myself at remote locations for year-long contracts?”

“Why would you be a good fit here?”

“Why should we hire you?”

“We have two types of position: rotation and stable position. In rotation position, you need to work in several locations with different teams, while for stable position you just stay in one office...”

“How much experience do you have?”

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