Toddler Teacher Interview Questions

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“What do I think toddlers need to promote positive growth?”

“Why do you want to work for Kid's R Kid's?”

“Describe a time or situation in your work experience when you felt like you were going above and beyond what was required of you as a teacher.”

“How would you address conflict with a child”

“Think of a time when you had a disagreement with an former co-worker? what did you do and what was the outcome?”

“It was a packet of questions. Most were fairly easy, a couple were obvious psychology questions that needed a certain answer. Describe a time when you made mistakes? How would you handle a child…”

“Describe some curriculum you have done in the past that you were particularly proud of.”

“How I would handle parents being late”

“There weren't any difficult questions. In this kind of job, if you love children, really love children, it is an obvious thing to notice and the directors pick up on that. Be yourself and show that…”

“Odd question I thought: How do you feel about changing diapers?”

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