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Aug 29, 2014

Interview Question for Engineering Software Tools Development Engineer at Delphi:

“Very Easy.”

Jul 28, 2014

Interview Question for Tool Design Engineer at Bell Helicopter:

“There were no questions that were there to trip you up and "see how a person would react". The questions were all job-oriented to feel for my level of experience; they also showed me how…”

Apr 29, 2014

Interview Question for Senior Api Engineer - Tools at Netflix:

“Nothing too difficult I would say. If you are an experienced candidate, no curve balls - not atleast in my case.”

Feb 5, 2014

Interview Question for Software Tools Engineer at HGST:

“How would you go about creating the software tools for the company?”

Nov 20, 2013

Interview Question for Tool Engineer at Alliant Techsystems:

“What would you do if you see a fellow employee performing very poorly?

What is your greatest weakness and how do you compensate for it?”

Aug 19, 2013

Interview Question for Tooling Engineer at Black Diamond Networks:

“Do you mind punching in on a time clock for this position.”

Jul 1, 2013

Interview Question for Senior IT Tool Engineer at Netflix:

“All the questions were unexpected. None of them were Drupal related. All of them were related to system administration or server configuration.”

Jun 5, 2013

Interview Question for Software Engineer Mobile Tools at NVIDIA:

“1. How will you create Singleton class, lazy initialization, thread safety etc.”

May 8, 2013

Interview Question for Tools Engineering Intern at eBay Inc.:

“Build a dictionary that would be useful for finding all of a permutations of a given word.”

Feb 2, 2013

Interview Question for Tools Team - Software Engineer/Developer at meltmedia:

“Design an online version of the classic board game "Monopoly" on the whiteboard.”