Trade Analyst Interview Questions

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“what is baye's law formula. didn't have it memorized and couldn't recall details off the top of my head.”

Trade Analyst at Uline

Nov 20, 2013

“What experience do you have with trade compliance?”

“How do you hedge interest rate risk?”

“behavioral. imagine a situation blah blah blah”

“Are you okay with the career path and outline we have for you?”

“Compute the duration of a perpetuity”

“What do you know about the history of Morgan Stanley?”

“What is the difference between [specific finance division] and [specific finance division]?”

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“What is BofA currently trading at?”

“1. If there are two basket ball players A and B. Player A scores with a probability of 0.7, B scores with probability 0.3. Both the players can take either 1 shot or 3 shots at the basket. Who should...”

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