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“You are playing a game where the player gets to draw the number 1-100 out of hat, replace and redraw as many times as they want, with their final number being how many dollars they win from the game…”

“Say I take a rubber band and randomly cut it into three pieces. What's the probability that one of the pieces has length greater than 1/2 of the original circumference of the rubber band.”

“I have 10 cards face-down numbered 1 through 10. We play a game in which you choose a card and I give you the corresponding dollar amount.
a) What is the fair price of this game?
b) Now, after…”

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“If i roll two dice and multiply the two outcomes, what is the probability of a perfect square?”

“You have three barrels. One barrel is filled with apples, one with oranges, and one with both apples and oranges. Each barrel is mislabeled. You can take out as many fruit as you like form each…”

“What the probability of getting 2 consecutive heads in a total of N tosses (I found this one pretty hard and I didn't figure out the right answer at the time.)”

“11% of 68
32 x 28
1 bowling ball has diameter of 8 inches, weighs 16 pounds. A bowling ball of equal density has diameter of 12. How much does it weight?

We're going to play a…”

“How much distance is their between the hour and minute hand at 5:12?”

“A king has 1000 bottles of water, exactly one of which is poisoned. Servants die the day after consuming the poison. The king holds a party and has his servants drink the bottles. The next morning…”

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