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“How do you feel about those jokers at Congress?”

“If given X area square footage and X length of the room, what is the room's perimeter?”

“Do you prefer to work inside or outside of the office...”

“Given two die, what is the probability that the sum when rolled would add up to six?”

“I give you 18 balls, of which 17 weigh the same and the last one is heavier than the rest. I also provide you a balance scale. Can you tell me the minimum number of weighs with which you can tell me…”

“They asked me no questions during the "phone interview"...”

“What do you know about Life Tech's FBS operation?”

“what are some thing your would change about your previous employer if you were the manager?”

“Is there anything you want to ask me?”

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“What was your biggest mistake, and what did you learn from it?”

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