Trainee Manager Interview Questions

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“questions are the same with the ones in previous comments.”

“There are 17 job Preferences listed below, most applicants find each of them important, however, we ask that you please order them of importance to you. Do not use the same answer twice. 1. Variety...”

“Tell us about a time where you went above and beyond to meet a customer's needs.”

“You have done enough back-office work, what makes you think you will be successful in a customer facing retail environment now?”

“I didn't antcipate the multiple choice question of Money, Advancement or Atmosphere. But, I believe I handled the question well.”

“Are you interested in working 50+ hours per week for $36,000 annually?”

“None of the questions were extremely difficult, but they will ask you if you consider yourself as more of a corporate person or an entrepreneur.”

“Why would they chose me over the other candidates?”

“How did you hear about the position?”

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