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“Scenario: You have 8 golf balls and 1 is heavier than the 7 others. All you have is a balance used in chemistry classes. What is the shortest number of times you could measure the golf balls to find...”

“Scenario: If you were running late for a job interview and you had no lights on in your apartment. Let's say you went into your dresser drawer and had to pull out one pair of socks. All you had was...”

“How many pennies are at a mall?”

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“Honestly, not unexpected however certain scenarios made me think quickly and challenged me to come up with solutions”

“How many pennies are in a mall”

“What was the toughest feedback you ever received?”

Training Analyst at BP

Sep 25, 2015

“How have you handled having to be a champion for a project or directive that I did not agree with.”

“Give me an example of a problem you have to use analytical skills to resolve?”

“"What do you wish I had asked you?" - wasn't expecting this question. Didn't have an answer for it.”

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