Training Coordinator Interview Questions

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“Looks like you have a very diverse project background. Tell us about the common skills you brought to each project.”

“How would you handle a difficult employee who had a sense of entitlement and treated you like she was your supervisor and had a tendency to be rude and deceitful at times.”

“The first question was "Why are you qualified for this position?" Not unexpected, but difficult to answer because I was new to the field. If I had not practiced this question a LOT, I would have had…”

“Why do you think you could succeed in this job?”

“What type of learning management systems have you used?”

“There are none. If you can write your name you will get the job.”

“None. They were a host of questions and some irrelevant.”

“There was a question about pulling various colored socks out of a drawer that I still don't think I got the gist of, but it was given to me verbally and I REALLY need to have problems in writing to…”

“How do you handle being asked to train someone on material of which you know very little?”

“There were no difficult questions which was amazing!”

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