Training Coordinator Interview Questions

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“How would you plan a Sales Kickoff?”

“Where do you see yourself on 5 years?”

“The only question asked was after the hour-long presentation, when he asked if I would like to schedule an interview. (That is what I was asked to come there for in the first place)”

“Tell me about a time when you did not agree with management.”

“Looks like you have a very diverse project background. Tell us about the common skills you brought to each project.”

“The first question was "Why are you qualified for this position?" Not unexpected, but difficult to answer because I was new to the field. If I had not practiced this question a LOT, I would have had...”

“Why do you think you could succeed in this job?”

“There are none. If you can write your name you will get the job.”

“None. They were a host of questions and some irrelevant.”

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