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Feb 1, 2014

Interview Question for Operations Training Coordinator at Omni Air:

“no questions that couldn't be answered by common sense answers.”

Jan 16, 2014

Interview Question for Senior Training Coordinator at Sagitec Solutions:

“Describe your most challenging audience and how you handled them?”

Dec 29, 2013

Interview Question for Training Coordinator at Rowan Companies:

“No difficult or unexpected questions.”

Nov 8, 2013

Interview Question for Training Coordinator at Fast Enterprises:

“There was a question about pulling various colored socks out of a drawer that I still don't think I got the gist of, but it was given to me verbally and I REALLY need to have problems in writing to…”

Oct 21, 2013

Interview Question for Staff Training/Volunteer Coordinator at Wood Lane Residential Services:

“The first question was "Why are you qualified for this position?" Not unexpected, but difficult to answer because I was new to the field. If I had not practiced this question a LOT, I would have had…”

Oct 2, 2013

Interview Question for Strength Training Coordinator at YMCA:

“Are you able to handle working with multiple bosses or departments?”

Sep 22, 2013

Interview Question for Training Coordinator at Walmart:

“The questions for all Walmart interviews are designed for you to answer using your personal experiences.”

Jul 26, 2013

Interview Question for Training & Development Coordinator at Daimler Trucks North America:

“Tell us about an experience of when you were frustrated in the workplace and how you handled it.”

Jul 16, 2013

Interview Question for Human Resources/Training Coordinator at The Salk Institute:

“Pretty standard job interview questions. The panel was most unexpected and difficult because they were really trying to "test" me because of the possibility that I would be working alongside them…”

Jun 14, 2013

Interview Question for Training Coordinator at AspenTech:

“What particular person can you or can't you work for?”