Training Coordinator Interview Questions

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“Create 3-5 metrics an organization could use to measure its progress toward implementing a new clinical intervention.”

“None. They were clear as to the job expectations up front.”

“What is it about the people you work with that you enjoy the most?”

“How did I handle difficult people to get a positive outcome.”

“Very casual interview. Most difficult question was desired salary in which I had no basis to go off. I was able to delay my answer twice and was later given the yearly salary range for the…”

“Tell us about an experience of when you were frustrated in the workplace and how you handled it.”

“no unexpected questions - all questions where the standard interviewing questions.”

“Tell us about a time when...”

“They ask you to prepare to give a five minute speech on a topic of your choice, I did it on myself and let herget to know me better. It was one on one”

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