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Aug 22, 2014

Interview Question for Account Executive at The So Cal Group:

“Since I was a pretty recent graduate, I didn't have a ton of leadership experience to detail for him when he asked about leadership potential. Since they have a ton of expansion demand from their…”

Aug 19, 2014

Interview Question for Sales Representative/Management Training at Coast:

“What is the most important thing you want in a company that employs you?”

Aug 12, 2014

Interview Question for Trainer at GitHub:

“Who was your favorite professor at University and why? How would they teach X topic in Git?”

Apr 29, 2014

Interview Question for Account Manager at Peak:

“The questions are not difficult. Getting the interviewer to be honest about the position is the difficult issue. I was ready & poked into his story & it quickly changed to sales & handing out…”

Apr 9, 2014

Interview Question for Trainer/Technical Writer at FirstCare Health Plans:

“What would you do if you had a disorderly trainee?”

Apr 4, 2014

Interview Question for O4 - Army - Major at US Army:

“Why do you want to be a Soldier?”

Mar 24, 2014

Interview Question for Telebusiness Manager at EXP Pharmaceutical Services:

“Management was very concerned saving and increasing market share with a major retail pharmacy chain account in the Midwest. Since I don't have retail experience but do have distribution experience, I…”

Mar 15, 2014

Interview Question for Residential Assistant at UC Santa Cruz:

“How would you handle a potentially violent or dangerous situation?”

Mar 15, 2014

Interview Question for Management Training/Entry-Level Marketing Immediate Hire at A1 Management:

“There was a misinformed comment on here about this being a selling job with tents. And that comment is as ridiculous as it sounds. Working with these guys and this company for a couple weeks…”

Mar 12, 2014

Interview Question for Management Development Process at Valen Enterprises:

“Name 3 scenarios where you were placed outside of your comfort zone and how to reacted/adapted”