Training Interview Questions

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“Tell me about your sales experience.”

“"Why do you feel you'd be a great fit here?"”

Sales at 5 North

Mar 10, 2013

“The most difficult part of the interview for me was when they asked me about why I left my previous position.”

“Are you ok with training in a classroom setting?”

“Tell us about your experience with your pass job that would be related to this one?”

“How do we know you can develop people and manage their safety to get results?”

“Management was very concerned saving and increasing market share with a major retail pharmacy chain account in the Midwest. Since I don't have retail experience but do have distribution experience, I...”

“How would you handle a potentially violent or dangerous situation?”

“The questions are not difficult. Getting the interviewer to be honest about the position is the difficult issue. I was ready & poked into his story & it quickly changed to sales & handing out...”

“Why should I pay you salary? Yes, that will be the most unexpected question. Right after I joined the training, a friend who recommended me (working at a big s/w company, I cannot disclose because he...”

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